2014 In Review

2014 In Review

What have we accomplished and where are we heading?

HerpersGuide.com has come a long way since we started out.  We got a late start but we made the best of the 3 months we had in 2014!  Here are some of our milestones reached this year.

  1. Decided to develop a website for those who love Herping in August of this year.
  2. Domain Name purchased in August of this year.
  3. Design picked out and began working on what to include on the Website in September.
  4. First articles posted on the 6th October!
  5. Phillip was proud to have fellow herpers begin writing for HerpersGuide.com.  Zach Lim and Rachael Hetzer both published works on the 29th of October.
  6. Zach Lim’s article about the Santa Cruz Mountains became the first 100 visitor article within 24hrs!
  7. HerpersGuide published its first YouTube Video on Oct 31st!  It was a documentary filmed by Phillip and his Wife in 2 hours while studying Cottonmouths.
  8. John Vanek joined the team in November with his first article being published 25th of November.  His article about Eastern Hognose became the first article to reach 300 visitors within 24hrs!
  9. Phillip’s article on Eastern Box Turtles became the most viewed article on the site within 48hrs of its November 29th publish date!  Since the Article’s publish date, it has been viewed over 2000 times!
  10. HerpMapper supported the site and Chris Smith provided HerpersGuide with information about their project on the 6th of December.  Chris Smith has provided us range maps from the HerpMapper project on other articles since that time!
  11. On December 11th Phillip wrote an article on Racers.  This article is supported by a contest with over 80 pictures provided by 56 readers of the site!  This site is what it is because of the support from you the reader!

In 2014:

So what are we doing for 2015!

  • More Articles
    • Species Profiles!
    • Herping Journals
    • Site Studies
    • and so much more!!
  • Featured Writers
    • Looking for some of the leaders in the Herping Community!
  • More Videos
    • Videos from Herpers doing what we do!
  • More Contest
    • You could have the next featured shot!
  • More of what you love!

Do you have an Idea for HerpersGuide.com?  If so please be sure to let us know!  Thanks again for being part of this adventure with us!  Here is to 2015!  Lets Herp it Up!!!

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