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Owner Phillip Laxton Field Herping
Owner Phillip Laxton Field Herping

Welcome to The Herper’s Guide!  This site is your one stop for all things Herping!  HerpersGuide.com is dedicated to providing the best information available for those who look for Amphibians and Reptiles in North America.

What We Offer:

  • Herping Profiles
  • Herping Tips and Tricks of the Trade
  • Gear Reviews
  • Herping Journals
  • Herping News
  • Herping Forums
  • “Herping 2015” broadcast on YouTube
Live Snake is a Good Snake
Live Snake is a Good Snake

This site is an on going process and we hope you keep coming back for more!  If you have any ideas for the site, let us know.  You never know, your idea might be our next feature.  Be sure to like our other media outlets to stay informed with what we are doing!



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Conservation Notice

One Stop.  HerpersGuide.com
One Stop. HerpersGuide.com

It is the opinion of HerpersGuide, there exist an extreme importance for conservation within the Herping Community.  The information provided on this site and our other media outlets, is intended to be for educational purposes.  It is to be used for those who have a true passion and respect for North American Herpetology.  This information may be used for general education, wildlife observing and admiration, wildlife photography, herpetological study, or projects that do not result in the permanent capture of reptiles and/or amphibians.  HerpersGuide practices a catch and release policy.  Animals are captured for study purposes and then are eventually released where they are found.  We encourage those who use this site to practice the same.

It is not the intent or desire of HerpersGuide for this information be used for the purpose of expanding anyone’s collection.  It is important that all Herpers be diligent in matters of conservation.  Animals should be released after study, where they are found, in the condition they were found in.  Habitat should be carefully left as found as well.  For more on the conservation efforts of HerpersGuide, please email us at admin@herpersguide.com