Without Wild Things – John Vanek “A Must See”

Without Wild Things

John Vanek

 This article written by editor and owner of HerpersGuide.com

It was not requested by Mr. Vanek.  I choose to endorse his work because I truly find value in the work Mr. Vanek is doing.

© J. Vanek, IN
© J. Vanek, IN

Many of you may know John Vanek from his articles here on HerpersGuide.com.  He helped me and my readers by writing two great articles; Eastern Hognose and Timber Rattle Snakes, both of which were enjoyed by our readers.  He is compassionate about what he does and he does it well.  He is considered a friend of HerpersGuide and his contribution to our site is much appreciated.  John is always welcome to write for HerpersGuide.

John has recently started a blog.  He intends to use his blog to record his “ecological musings in more than 140 characters” as well as present himself professionally.   I have looked his site over and see he is off to a great start.  I could recommend his website to you in hopes of you visiting his site but, if you have read his articles here, I am sure you do not need my recommendation.  Regardless, I would like to formally recommend John Vanek’s personal blog to my readers.


Please take the time to visit his site and follow him as he adds another notch in his belt.  John is a high-class writer.  I have enjoyed everything I have read from him.  Be sure to check out his first blog entry, where he fact-checks a show I watch with my 3-year-old son.  He looks over “The Wildlife Thornberrys”.  It is a fun read.  I also learned how accurate the show is!  I am going to continue to encourage my kid to watch it.  There isn’t much out there.

Thanks again to John for your work on our website and your continued conservation efforts in other ways!

To the readers; thanks again for stopping in.  I can’t share with you enough how much I enjoy being able to offer you this website.  Be kind to one another.  Be kind to the environment.  Be sure to catch and release.  Happy Herping!